WHISPERS OF LOVE 4 Fl oz (Pregnancy Body Lotion)


The ideal 4 oz. body lotion for pregnancy women.  Provides emollient and softening properties that helps protect your skin’s elasticity and it is deeply nourishing and moisturizing it to prevent stretch marks

It’s safe to use some essential oils while you’re pregnant, as long you’re healthy and you’re careful with them.  Essential oils are highly concentrated, substances extracted from plants.

Be sure to buy products with high quality oils for hydrate and moisturizer your body without secondary side effects.  It’s important to use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin on your belly, sides, lower back, thighs, legs and anywhere else you might get stretch marks. 

Regular lotions won’t penetrate the skin deeply enough to keep it hydrated, so use this Whisper’s of Love natural body lotion is specifically made for pregnant women.  


Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Lanolin, Vitamin E and Argan Oil and other secret ingredients inside this lotion are a treasure for your body.   Pure Lanolin, one of the ingredients inside this lotion, is made from the oils produced by sheep to keep their wool supple, also works very well in your body.  Argan Oil, is a natural skin care supplement that moisturizing the skin, and heal skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

The stretching of your skin, plus a range of other factors, some doctors believe that came from heredity, and weight gain.  The best way to minimize stretch marks is to pay close attention to your weight, diet and skin.  You also drink lots of water and take supplements that contain vitamin e, c and zinc, because this will help your skin stay supple and stretch easily.  Some doctors also recommend gently massaging areas prone to stretch marks with cocoa butter or Shea Butter. 

We know that many companies elaborate also many lotions, oils and creams on the market to prevent stretch marks, we elaborate this lotion with all ingredients that help to prevent stretch marks and many pregnancy women skin conditions.  We believe that naturals oils and all ingredients in this body lotion, the vitamins and water you need take during this time, helps to prevent all skin conditions during your pregnancy.  

Moisturize your skin in the morning after bathing and again at night. If you notice itching where your skin is being stretched, that is a sign to add more lotion in that area.  It is a lightweight absorbing lotion that doesn’t leave your skin greasy.  If you have dry skin, sensitivities to common skin care products, wrinkles or stretch marks, then yes, this lotion holds incalculable value and is worth your purchase.


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