Rub It On 

It might seem like analgesics are the only solution for your painful joints and muscles aches, but in reality an analgesic is only distracting your mind away from the pain. After the effect passes, you will go back to the same painful situation. Therefore, you are ingesting something that could only cause possible damage to your body, like the kidney or stomach, instead of actually resolving the problem.  

Let introduce you to a natural and more effective way of relieving that discomfort, by trying our wonderful pain relief gel Rub it On.  It's time to change to natural products with the potent results without cause damage to your body.  

It's not recommended for kids, pregnant women, people with skin problems because it's very potent with the active ingredients.  If you notice changes in your skin, discomfort or other symptoms, stop the use immediately. 

Remember, all ingredients are natural, but many people have sensitive skin and maybe it's not great for this persons.  This product has natural ingredients like menthol, T-3 and others topical analgesic for providing effective relief in all your body. Is effective for cramps, headache, muscle joints, arthritis and more. 

You'll find many products for topical pain relief, but this amazing product is elaborate with all analgesic natural ingredients, and for the best use for you, is clear, non-greasy gel that starts to deliver pain relief in minutes.  Rub It On gel melts fast, absorbs quick and rushes powerful natural ingredients deep into muscle and joints.

CAUTION: This pain gel contains potent natural ingredients, and some people might be allergic to it. ZOAP & Beyond is not responsible for any item gifted to another person who is unaware of this notice. Please, it is your duty to inform. We take the necessary measures to protect our customers.