A hot Summer isn't complete without mosquitoes. That's where the Mosquito Repellent comes into your life... 

Many conventional mosquito repellents contain toxic ingredients that aren’t safe for kids or people with pulmonary conditions.  Also, the use of conventional repellents may be unsettling to apply to your skin because of its chemicals. 

Maybe it’s time for you to change to a more natural formula. This product doesn’t kill mosquitoes, but its ingredients make it less likely for you to get bitten by them. Some ingredients used in this repellent are obtained from natural plants such as: Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Lavender, and many more.  This formula also contains lemongrass oil, and other natural ingredients that makes it safe for the whole family.  It is also very soft for your skin, none abrasive, and has a nice citric scent.  

Do not spray directly to a baby’s skin.  Take a little amount in your hands and apply it gently instead. It can be applied on arms and legs, but never on the face. 

We have many positive testimonies about this product. Don’t wait any longer, and enjoy your barbecue party without this pesky bugs.


CAUTION: This product contain essential oils, and some people might be allergic to it.Verify if you are allergic to any of these ingredientsZOAP & Beyond is not responsible for any item gifted to another person who is unaware of this notice. Please, it is your duty to inform. We take the necessary measures to protect our customers.