This amazing moisturizer is a Treasure for your face.  It is enriched with hydrolized collagen, lanolin, jojoba oil, vitamin E, coconut oil and other great essential oils; is a wonderful humectant that will moisturize and caress your skin.

Contains Rosa Mosqueta oil (also known as Rosehip Oil), known for its multiple benefits for the skin. It is a great natural product that helps reduce the scars so often left behind of long time spots and blemishes.

The fragrance is the same of the Forever Young Soap, a combination of two fragrances with a particular smell light as a breeze.  

Combine this perfect moisturizer with the Forever Young Soap, and give your face a boost of natural vitamins and the best essential oils. Apply at night; during your relaxation time is when the hydrolyzed collagen works best.

Forever Young Moisturizer  is the best face cream and hydrating cream around eyes you will ever try; it's specially made for all skin types.... Perfect for gift because includes a sophisticated green organza bag.

You are going to love it!


CAUTION: Verify if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product. This moisturizer contains almond oil, and some people might be allergic to it. ZOAP & Beyond is not responsible for any item gifted to another person who is unaware of this notice. Please, it is your duty to inform. We take the necessary measures to protect our customers.

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