We welcome to the new product of Forever Young line... HERBAL EYE CREAM.  It's a tiny bottle of 0.9 ounces with a concentrated cream.  We all know the area around your eyes is super delicate, that's why we do not want to apply products that have the opposite or harmful effect...especially if you already have sensitive skin.  That's why we have created a delicate cream, but with natural and powerful ingredients to restore your skin.  Herbal Eye Cream only contains oils for repair flaccid skin, minimizes expression lines and provides elasticity lost due to the effects of free radicals, excess makeup and sun effects.  The Ceramide Complex is responsible for providing the elasticity we lose due to the loss of collagen.  The mixture of the restorative oils it contains will minimize the damage over the years.  Something that for the price and quality of it's preparation invites us to make it part of our beauty regimen.