Face Mask Refresher Spray is the new product for keeping your cloth covering smelling fresh between washes...

You never imagined a cloth face mask become your must-have accessory of 2020!

The best attribute of this product is that its fragrance comes from essential oils.  It has been designed to refresh cloth mask and in turn create a pleasant feeling when wearing it. Its essential oils have been combine in such a way that in addition to the protocol you use to disinfect your mask, these oils will help you to fight bacteria that tend to breed during daily use.  You need only a minimal amount to refresh your mask.  It's amazing for refresh your pillows too.

This amazing product is available in 6 fragrances: 

🍁 Key Lime Pie: 
🍁 Peace on Earth
🍁 Fresh Breath
🍁 Citrus Mood
🍁 Let It Go
🍁 Rapid Relief

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