ZOAP & Beyond, LLC it began since 2009, is a small family company, dedicated to create natural soaps, skin care products and more. We are grateful to God for the opportunity to share our products with you and your family at the comfort of your home.  We work very hard to make the best most finest products for your body.  Our desire is to please you; it is very important for us to hear your comments and questions to achieve this. All products that we make is with natural additives, essential oils and safe skin products. We elaborated all products in our workshop with the most clean antiseptic place; it is also very important for us to make the best quality in all our. 


It's simple, to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

Our Family Company

Our name distinguishes us as a family company.  The word ZOAP are each of the initials of our names... I know that soap is written with 's', but specifically my name begins with the letter 'z', the other letters are the initials of my family's names. I am a Certified Artisan by the Economic Development and Commerce Secretary, in Puerto Rico.  Special persons in our business: My family, friends and excellent customers in Puerto Rico have supported me in our business through out the years. Special thanks to my sister Liz (thanks to you I have the best logo in the world!)  My friend Desireé... thanks for all your help in my website... God bless you!  The most important piece in my life and in my company today is my daughter Ainniz and my son Orlando.   Guys, you have made an excellent work with our products; labeling, packing and all the other stuff in the workshop. Orly, all your work in creating my web page is AMAZING... you did it!  Guys, thanks for loving me, having patience and believing in your mom!

For four years I have been developing and perfecting each of the products you see on my website. At this stage, I have learned to balance the oils, fragrances and additives I utilize in my creations. One of my recent breakthroughs has been the Forever Young line which was developed with the help of a special company friend, chemist and researcher at one of the top universities in Puerto Rico. Together, we have achieved to produce a line of soap and moisturizers with the perfect ratio of ingredients. Kennett Rivero, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us... you are the best! 

The price of this line for all the additives and oils it has, it's  extremely economical. It's greatest treasure is hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin e, jojoba oil and other amazing ingredients. Similarly each of our products contain the finest essential oils, additives such as lavender, peppermint and aloe grown in my workshop. I am rather selective in all fragrances chosen and our workshop is in the best conditions of hygiene and cleaning required to protect our products.

Currently we distribute ZOAP & Beyond products in several stores in Puerto Rico, the most important are: Caribbean Trading Company @ El Yunque, Río Grande and Rincón, Wilma Vázquez Pharmacy, Vega Baja, The Vein Center-Dr. Rolando Colón, Santurce and Dr. Fontánez-Ortopedics Clinic, Bayamón.  It's a pleasure to distribute our products in these amazing stores.  When you visit Puerto Rico, remember all these names and enjoy our products and other variety they have. 

Finally, after all these years, we have decided to reach out to your home through our website, we have made a selection of our best products for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. We want to please you, your opinions are very important to us. We appreciate the opportunity you have taken to get to know our company, and we hope to serve you indefinitely. Remember, our company continues to work hard to create more products for your satisfaction, because our goals is...

Beyond what could be imagined...

God bless you!